Mission Statement

To achieve the highest level of quality workmanship ​through a dedicated team of field and office professionals who create a positive, productive, and safe atmosphere and attitude. 

Our Team

Dave Fawcett – President, Estimator


 Dave started Fawcett Painting out of his garage in the early 70's. After  first opening the doors he did it all...painting, estimating, billings,  payroll, etc. Since incorporating in 1981, Fawcett Painting now has a  dedicated office staff and over 50 employees. Dave's devotion and  perseverance over the years has made Fawcett Painting what it is today,  and he continues to inspire others with his simple creed: always  improving, never stagnating.  When not in the office, Dave enjoys  golfing and vacationing, recently favoring trips to Arizona. 

Matt Orse – Vice President, Senior Project Manager


 ​Born and raised in Burien, Matt  has spent many years in the Pacific Northwest. He started with Fawcett  Painting in 1981 and, through constant dedication and a persistent  commitment to excellence, worked through the ranks up to his current  position of Vice-President. Matt brings his positive attitude to every  project, as well as his extensive product and application knowledge, to  ensure professional results every time. Outside of work, Matt enjoys all  things outdoors, including hiking, biking, skiing, snow shoeing, and  disc golf.  

Michael Davis – Treasurer, Estimator


 ​Mike is originally from Detroit,  though he relocated to Seattle at the young age of 19, and ended up  staring with Fawcett Painting in 1998. Mike manages the finances here at  Fawcett, making sure everything is on the level, and also handles a lot  of day to day office coordination. Away from work, Mike enjoys spending  time with his family, outdoor activities, and is always up for new  adventures.   

Mark Walesby, Estimator


 Mark is a Seattle native, he has been estimating with Fawcett since  1993, and has seen it all. Mark is a seasoned estimator, with extensive  knowledge and sales ability. When he's not bringing in the jobs, Mark  enjoys golfing, skiing, and flipping used cars. 

Tom Best, ​Senior Project Manager


Originally from Kent, Tom started with Fawcett in 1981. Through his hard  work and dedication he moved to Project Manager in 2004. Tom is known  for being "The Man" and manages some of the largest projects here at  Fawcett Painting, including the notable Bravern Signature Residences  Building in Bellevue. When not working, Tom enjoys playing golf, racing  anything with wheels, and riding his motorcycle. 

Billy Pennock, Project Manager


 Hailing originally from Auburn, William Pennock Jr., known as Billy, has  long been part of the Fawcett Painting team. Starting his career as a  shop worker, Billy upgraded to field painter, where he excelled to the  point of becoming a favored site lead. After years of quality  performance, Billy was brought into the office to become the newest  Project Manager, where he continues to bring a hardworking demeanor to  daily activities. While he enjoys spending time with his family,  typically in the outdoors or following a sporting event, Billy is never  long away from his fellow employees, with whom he has established a  hefty dose of camaraderie. 

Tim Brickell – Bookkeeper, IT


 ​Having spent nearly six years  running Fawcett's workshop/delivery system, and showing steadfast  dedication therein, Tim has recently been moved into the office and  transferred to the position of bookkeeper. From this new position, he  intends to continue his commitment to consistent attendance and  performance quality. In his leisure time, Tim enjoys golf, strategic and  tactical gaming, and the study of history. 

Letty Morales – Project Engineer, Specialty Task Force


Rich Palmer – Project Manager


John Schneider – Shop Worker, Driver


Josh Orse – Shop Worker